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隆重介绍 “温” 大家庭

。 五月,我们正式更改品牌名称从Cafe-On到“On”。 “On”在中文里是“温”的意思,这个字的意义很直白,作为华人,我们觉得有职责传递我们中国文化到我们的品牌精神里。我们想利用“On”作为我们的“姓”,不管以后我们推出什么样的新服务或者产品,我们都可以用“On”来叫命名它,比如:On Cafe,On Patisserie,On Cookery School烹调课堂等等。 我们想通过我们的食物,服务和烹饪课把温暖传递给我们的客人,并邀请他们到我们的“家”,见我们的“家人”,让他们体会到我们的真心与热情,因为我们觉得,每一位客人都是“温大家庭”的一名成员。我们相信,一个好的品牌,绝不能忽略与客户的交流,与客人的互动是非常重要的。   Tweet

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The culinary cult of the macaron takes the world by storm- Metro Paper

Macarons are taking over the world but don’t confuse them with macaroons, the small chewy coconut cakes loved by grannies. These are the psychedelic mini-meringues from France. These brightly coloured gems went mainstream when Ladurée, the Paris-based cake maker, came … Continue reading

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On Macarons exclusively at Harvey Nichols- Knightsbridge

On macarons, the French patisseries with modern Asian flavours are available exclusively at their counter in our Fifth Floor Foodmarket, Knightsbridge. Created by award-winning chef Loretta Liu, On macarons are made using handmade purees in the shell, as well as … Continue reading

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